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This fixation for affliction now penetrates the ion that never had the right charge to replace
Discharging what realm of positivity I had left to embrace
Blacking out the last light left in this cold, desolate place
Feeding on my spine with every chance I get for things to be fine

The floor succumbs to my demon's divide
The fiery depths of this self treason will eat me alive
Name every tyrant I have left to defy and I'll promise you with every breath
Soaked in their name, that I've tried
I've tried

Rifts once sealed re-open to create a close
Acting as shutters for humanity's broken windows
Dimensions now fold and break as rifts eradicate the stains,
left from humanity's broken windows
This is my requiem for all mankind
These are the cries that shake the deaf and wake the blind
I'm so damn tired of this sickness festering inside
Inching closer to its purpose every time I lie

Anatomic ruptures marching onto the throne
The crowned and beaten, bruised as this tattered bone
The abuse left in splintered doorways and mangled phones by the man,
who once called this home

Caught in the currents of my past
Holding onto vices like a mast
Abandon all hope for recovery
Stare into the eyes of the life I bastardized

Forgive these lenses, they were stained from the start
Repent these blessings, manipulations of God's art
I've tried for so long
I've tried for so fucking long,
to make amends with the failures sin had strung

I initiate this life
Blood soaked, restless misery
God sealed away my gaze and gave birth to my wretched ways

Amending with the failures

My soles have bled this bitter race
All for the taste of clarity's face
Every time that I lose my place,
I become more engaged to the wounds that I helped create


from Vices, released March 24, 2016



all rights reserved


The Enigma Code Baltimore, Maryland

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